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Buying a Florida Home with Florida’s Fine Homes Group is unequalled in Florida real estate as no other professional group brings so many professional qualifications, so much experience and success to achieving your goals.

Whether you’re looking to buy your first home, second home, or find you’re forever home, we’ll help you discover the one that suits you, your goals, and your lifestyle.


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Use our free Online Search to browse MLS listings in your desired area. Register so you can direct, save, and edit your personal search criteria. Be the first to know when matching properties come on the market. Our database is refreshed every 15 minutes, worldwide.



As you conduct your search, we are here to answer any questions you may have, or to provide any information pertaining to buying a home. We’ll help you discover the home that suits you, meeting your goals, and your lifestyle.



Through our network of agents, we also become aware of homes before they come on the market, thereby giving you an edge on homes meeting your criteria.  Having open conversations with you is important to every relationship. We value your thoughts. Tell us how we can help.


This is the fun part you get from physically looking at houses. We can see what stands out as important to you.


It’s the home that you’ve been waiting for and the one you want to call home.



When you’re ready to move forward, we’ll discuss and agree upon an offer to present to the sellers. Through our unequaled professional experience, we will provide answers in finance, construction, neighborhoods, schools, and market awareness.

Celebrate Florida's Fine Homes


Congratulations! We will be there when you become the owner of the home of your dreams, and afterwards for the long term!

Celebrating Florida's Fine Homes

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Before You Begin

Searching for and buying a new home can be a stressful process.

We understand that it can be a frustrating process to feel like you are constantly missing out on an amazing home when it hits the market.  It can be difficult, especially if you do not have the access to the right tools to search for available homes.

Undoubtedly, this can create a lot of stress, inconvenience, and anxiety for you and your family.  This is where our team has a successful track record of finding our clients some amazing homes and eliminating those stresses.  We have over 30+ years of combined experience, and a focus on delivering an exceptional customer service experience.

We have developed Resources to help assist you with Buying your Home. You can read and download our Buying Your Home Booklet.   

Search Florida Homes by Region

We have divided Florida into “Lifestyle Regions” to assist you with your online search for your dream home. The varied regions of Florida offer a wide range of opportunities.

Search real estate listings using a map. Search by map to find homes for sale and houses for sale by location.

Research the neighborhood you might like to live in. How far away is it from your job? Are there good schools in the area? Are there restaurants, movie theaters, and entertainment in the area? Think about the things that are important to you. What’s important to you, is also important to us.



When you are ready, we want to know your goals, and dreams. We can then get to know you, make suggestions and provide the insight you need to accomplish your goals. What are your most important priorities? Do you want to have access to certain amenities? Are there particular neighborhoods, communities, or lakes that you like? Will you be working or retiring? Do you have children or pets? It’s important to dig deep and fully understand what’s most important to you and your happiness. Our only goal at Florida’s Fine Homes is all about you and making your dreams a reality.

Most buyers begin their search for a home online, and when they are ready want to physically visit their choices. With our professional experiences we are able to provide access to the homes, but more importantly bring our unique financial, construction, neighborhood, and schools experience to your decision making process. No other group brings our professional experience to the buying experience.

You can use our Contact Form, Email us or Phone us to get things started.



This is what we like to call the “matchmaking phase” of the process.
We enjoy sending you properties you have selected, and ones that we feel match or are off market. When you are ready, we are here to answer your questions. Reaching your goals is our goal.


Fleming Island


Touring a house is like going on a first date: It’s your chance to get a sense of whether this home is the one.

This is when we take you out to see the properties you have selected. The part of the process where we get to watch your first reactions to the houses we tour is the most fun. We can determine what truly stands out as most important to you during the selection process. We may see one house or however many it takes to locate the one that meets all of your criteria and makes you fall in love. Unlike others, we also present our professional experience.

However, in today’s market, with so many houses to visit and so little time before they get snapped up, the prospect of finding this dream home in the real estate haystack can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming.

We uncomplicate things by bringing our professional experience, and unique qualifications to your decision making by giving you all the information needed to make a decision. In our fiduciary relationship we only represent you. There are no bad questions, only unanswered questions. We are here.


Perfect Home


You’ve finally walked into a house and fallen in love. It’s the one you’ve been waiting for and the one you want to call home.

It’s time to do a thorough examination of the property in order to make a realistic offer based on its condition, neighborhood, amenities, and schools. Our professional qualifications allow us to offer advice and guidance in your decision making process.



We’ll emphasize specific points when presenting your offer that will make it stand out to the seller. We’ll thoroughly explain situations in which a seller may not accept your offer or when they are likely to make a counteroffer. Don’t worry. We are in constant communication with you during this process, working through all the deadlines and contingencies together. We’ll drive the process forward and negotiate on your behalf to garner the best deal and terms for you on the home you love.

All homes need a state qualified professional inspection

This is our opportunity to conduct a thorough inspection — testing mechanical systems, examining the pool and roof, areas of concern, and the soundness of the home. This gives you a professional report on every aspect of the home. If anything, unexpected arises, we can negotiate a remedy with the seller, on your behalf.




Congratulations! After closing you are officially the owner of the home of your dreams. It’s time to relax, unwind and revel in pure happiness.

Throw a Party!!!

A housewarming party is a great way to celebrate your big purchase and thank your friends and family for their support. Buy some wine, put on some music and invite over a group of friends for dinner and dancing.


Celebrate Closing

Reviews and Testimonials are important to us!

Read what others say about us!

My wife and I were fortunate enough that another realtor referred us to Kevin. Because of my job I had to relocate to Jacksonville. We came over from Pensacola to look for a rental home. On the first day after about half the morning wasted, then the referral. After meeting Kevin my wife and I were taken aback by how diligently He started working. Well, it turned into 3 days that we were looking to find the house and area we needed. Kevin spent all 3 days with us showing us many different homes and locations. Kevin’s professionalism, knowledge, and personality were a great surprise. I have met a lot of different people in my lifetime, and I have never met anyone quite like Kevin. Kevin met us the first day at the rental home with keys; even helped move a few heavy items into the house. Had to tell him to stop. He was still in his work clothes. A few months down the road we decided to have a house built. My wife and I found a floor plan we liked. River Town was building up. While I was fishing Kevin met my wife at River Town to look at the models. The price range was too high I thought, plus we could not have the floor plan we liked. But we could have the floor plan at The Preserve. So Kevin met us both at River Town the next weekend for me to see the model homes, which I did not like anyway, and He followed us back to The Preserve. There Kevin interacted with the agent on our behalf and we got the ball rolling. To make a long story shorter, Kevin was there every step in the building of our new home, Every walkthrough, every meeting. He did not have to be but He was there. Every time we texted, called with questions He always texted or called back almost instantly. I also called Him about 9 pm. one night when moving into a new home. A 2 story. I needed major lifting help. He was there in about an hour. We worked for about 2 hours. Kevin never asked for anything. I am simply amazed at the attention Kevin gave us. We still text and talk every now and then. Kevin’s not just a Realtor, Kevin becomes your friend. YOU WILL NEVER FIND A BETTER PERSON TO REPRESENT YOU AS YOUR REALTOR. THANK YOU KEVIN FOR EVERYTHING YOU HAVE DONE FOR US. Stephen & Eva Marie Roby FYI: Your rating stars are incorrect. There is actually one better than Excellent. it is called Superior. 6 STARS

Stephen & Eva Marie Roby

I don’t even know where to begin…six months ago my husband and I were moving to Jacksonville from South Florida. Within 24 hours of our email to the company, Kevin was calling me to get all the information he could to find out what we were looking for in our new home. He set a day and time for us to drive up and see properties, in that one day Kevin spent over 8 hours with us, and that was just the first day of meeting him. Kevin drove us from house to house all the while being kind and courteous to our thoughts and needs. Within that same day, he not only found the perfect neighborhood for us but the perfect house. We were able to have a house built, pick all the finishes we wanted, and be within our price range. Even after the contract was signed and completed, while we were waiting for the house to be built Kevin kept in contact with us weekly to ensure that everything was going smoothly with not only the house being built, but also our jobs, and our upcoming move. Kevin listened to our every thought and request and made all of them happen. Even now 6 months later, we were just about to close on our house and had an unfortunate incident with the home builder, Kevin came to our rescue, supported and defended our decision, and helped us to get out of that home. Just when we thought the situation was not fixable Kevin found us an even more perfect home, for a great price and we were able to sign a contract on the new home just 48 hours after we walked away from the other one because of his persistence and guidance. During this time and situation, Kevin was with us every evening after work, catering to our work schedules so that he could be there with us to see new homes and support us through a difficult situation. Overall, Kevin has been not only an outstanding realtor but also a great friend. He was one of the first people we met in Jacksonville and he showed us around the area, found us our dream home, all the while providing us with suggestions to great restaurants and overall good conversation. Kevin has an impressive work ethic, he responds to calls, texts, and emails all within minutes, he is always available to talk, and he is willing to spend hours with his customers to ensure that they are not only getting a great deal but also a great house. We would absolutely refer Kevin Craig to all of our friends and co-workers. Thank you to Kevin for giving us this great experience!!


I used another real estate company for years, but in talking to Will I appreciated the trust, experience and guidance he demonstrated time and again. When it came time to sell my place it was an easy choice in selecting Will. It was the best decision I made. Frequently we have coffee (he likes tea) together, and our relationship continues.

Martino Mainardi

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